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︎︎︎Maine Historical Society

Brand identity
Art direction
Digital design
Print Collaterals

Create a brand identity based off of key findings from the Audience Engagement Plan Survey for storytelling of Maine’s rich narrative history. New visual representation speaks in a more bold, contemporary, and approachable voice that aligns an evolving organization to better serve Maine’s communities.

Baked Objects
︎︎︎Kim Amina

E-commerce experience

A local baker, Kim, came to me for her customized baked goods start-up business. Instead of approaching the business as a traditional cake shop, we wanted to let customers go beyond and break boundaries. From naming the business to developing a branding system to pair with her extraordinary baking skills. Baked Objects is now established as a beloved custom pastry and baking business!

Logo design
︎︎︎Wild Cedar Consulting
︎︎︎FUJI Saké Company
︎︎︎Taipei Bento

Visitor Center Interactive Guide and Media
︎︎︎New York Public Library

Visual direction
Interactive design
User experience
NYPL is one of the core iconic institutions representing New York City, with millions of visitors annually and key networks of neighborhood engagement. This project was focused on creating accessible paths to navigate the depths of information and media available through a multitude of mediums. The goal was to represent NYPL’s rapidly evolving content and services while highlighting the heritage of the institution.

︎︎︎Financial Beginnings

Visual system
Editorial design
Marketing collateral
A non-profit financial education organization with the goal of revamping their online and in-person curriculum for high school students. My task was to establish a more approachable visual system for each program in order to reach more audiences nationwide and advocate the importance of finance literacy in our education systems.


Layout system
Digital experience

To celebrate the total eclipse of the sun, Astronomical League holds Astronomical Convention for four days on the mountain in Casper Wyoming as the eclipse path goes right through the city. In order to offer convenience that every attendee could print off program booklet, save the date, attendee registration form at home, monochrome theme serves its function. AstroCon also offers digital program for attendee to enjoy total eclipse in a more environmental friendly way.

Do you speak American?

Art direction
Layout system

“Do You Speak American?” is a book and memoir that documented my experiences in intercultural differences and code switching skills that I learned in America. With abundant resources of personal experience and stories from myself and others in a similar situation, it lends an objective lens on Americans to help freshen their perspective of their own culture.

Van Gogh
︎︎︎Painter Magazine

Art direction
Layout system
Digital experience

Painter is a specialist Portland based bi-monthly magazine on art and painting culture that features one influential painter per issue, and each issue is themed with a distinguished color choice by the featuring artist. Painter offers readers both in soft and hard copy format. The issue: {Mustard}, Spring 2019 dives into an important painter’s personal life story.

I'm Edlyn Wang, a visual designer passionate about storytelling through design. With 6 years of experience across diverse sectors like finance, education, food, culture, and marketing, I specialize in branding, UI design, and packaging. I thrive on experimenting with fresh ideas, breaking traditional design constraints.

Available for collaborations and freelance work.
︎︎︎ edlynwanggg@gmail.com

Portland State University
BA Graphic Design (GPA 3.7)

Fu-Hsin Taipei Arts Academy

Two Truths & a Lie
︎︎︎ She always keeps a candy in her pocket.
︎︎︎ She has an obsession with garden gnomes.
︎︎︎ She used to have 3 silkworms as pets.

Feel free to reach out for answer. Thanks for guessing︎